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Marblecake is a project that creates services for Decentralized Finance. The project develops solutions for the trading, farming & staking of cryptocurrencies as well as tokenized assets such as tokens pegged to real world underlyings.


In its genesis, Marblecake offers its products on the Binance Smart Chain. Subsequently, the project will integrate with Polygon, Avalanche and other blockchains. In keeping with the aim to facilitate trading with low fees, secure transactions, high speed, Marblecake will deploy on cost-efficient blockchains exclusively.

As large groups of retail investors will enter the DeFi sector the coming years, Marblecake seeks to cater to this growing segment. By making DeFi services easier to use, controlling risks & providing a smooth User Experience, the platform will present an excellent starting point for this target group. More- over, Marblecake builds on improving risk-to-reward ratios skewed to the latter, implementing verification systems for tokens among other features.

Yield Farming

Users can add liquidity by supplying two pairs of tokens and thereby earn 0.17% on every transaction made in the pool. In addition, yield enhancement development (slated for Q4, 2022) will provide addi- tional tools to increase returns on farming and staking. The team is working on a yield aggregation fea- ture that will maximize yields with automated investment calibration, which will make the process more user-friendly and well suited for DeFi beginners.

Marble Pegs

In addition to the DEX, Marblecake offers native pegged tokens. These assets offer traders a more eco- nomical way to utilize otherwise expensive real-world assets. Marble Pegs form a fundamental element in the ecosystem as they enable users to trade ‘external assets’ such as Fiat currencies without leaving the blockchain. The development & marketing of pegged tokens will intensify throughout 2022 as DeFi will eventually enter another upswing, increasing the need for tokenized assets - Marblecake will be at the forefront of it.

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