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Job description:

  • Build teams & manage work flow from idea to completion
  • Automate processes and develop scripts (bots)
  • Create high quality policies, procedures & technical documentation
  • Vet & hire technical contractors
  • Draft and design blueprints for front-end & back-end development


  • Excellent English skills
  • Previous experience in working with blockchain technology
  • Excellent knowledge of cryptocurrencies & a passion for it
  • Good knowledge of Solidity, Python, Django Framework
  • Previous experience in outsourcing and contracting
  • Leadership capabilities & experience in building and managing teams
  • Excellent time-management & organizational habits
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong problem-solving skills & a sense of responsibility
  • Clear, non-ambiguous communication skills
  • Ability to produce concise reports

Good to have skills: Knowledge of Rust, Golang

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