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Liquidity is fundamental to an exchange like Marblecake. You can add liquidity for any of the pairs listed on the DEX by accessing the Liquidity page.

When you become a liquidity provider, you received Marble-LP tokens in return. You will use these tokens to add more liquidity or remove part of all of it.

As a liquidity provider, you earn 0.17% on every trade made in the pool you add tokens to. It's a great way to put your tokens to good use and earn a passive income.

Add Liquidity

To provide liquidity, you commit a specific amount of the token pair of your choice.

The steps are easy:

  1. Go to the liquidity page
  2. Click the Add Liquidity button
  3. For the top Input, click 'Select a currency'. Then choose one of the token in the liquidity pair you want to add liquidity to.
  4. For the bottom input, click ‘Select a currency’. And choose the other token in the liquidity pair you want to add liquidity to.
  5. Enter an amount on one of the tokens under “Input”. The other should be calculated and filled automatically.
  6. Approve both tokens to be spent by Marblecake
  7. Tap the supply button and confirm the transaction
  8. Shortly after, you will see a Marble-LP token in your wallet that is visible on the liquidity page
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